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A wedding gift for your groom | A birthday treat | Christmas surprise | Anniversary | Weightloss journey |

Most importantly for yourself!

Boost your confidence!

Boudoir Photography is an experience that abandons all self-doubt and gives you a chance to reconnect with yourself. We love empowering women by showing their hidden beauty, building body confidence and giving memories that will last a lifetime. It’s an experience we want EVERY WOMAN to have.

Your session will include:

From Portraits to Boudoir, we design each photo session around YOU and the look you want to achieve.

  • Full booking confirmation and further information
  • Access to our Secret Dressing Room – tips on what to bring and how to prepare
  • Pre-shoot consultation
  • Refreshments
  • Professional hair and makeup with eyelash application 
  • A choice of sets in the studio
  • Private photo session with photographer Louise
  • Full posing guidance and coaching throughout
  • Natural retouched images for skin smoothing and blemish removal
The Experience - Secret Boudoir

“This is the most liberating thing I’ve ever done and I’d love to do it again!! My initial nerves and apprehension about my body dissolved with the positivity and encouragement both Louise and Alison gave from the moment I walked through the door.” – Miss A

Photo Shoot - Secret Boudoir
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On The Day

Pre-Shoot Consultation:  Once you have arrived and settled in, we will go through your outfits to create a sequence for your photo shoot. From there we will discuss how you would like your shoot to look and if there is anything you would like to try. If you have gathered any inspirational photos, we will go over them and work out how to tie them into your shoot. (But don’t worry if you don’t have any images or ideas) Louise will guide you throughout your session making sure you are comfortable and having fun.

The Makeover:  Our makeovers are the exciting part! You will get the chance to relax and enjoy feeling thoroughly pampered. Makeup Artist Alison has over a decade of experience working with Secret Boudoir, making sure every client is camera ready. She knows the current trends and only uses luxury cosmetic brands. 

Pre-Makeup Consultation: Before Alison works her magic, she will advise you on colours and what styles will suit you the best. Working with you to make sure you get the look you want. 

Hair: We offer simply styled hair such as straight, curled, waves. (If you have a favourite hair product or styling equipment, feel free to bring it with you). 

The Shoot:  We offer complete posing guidance throughout to ensure you get the very best photographs. Once you are ready to go and your nerves have subsided, Louise will make sure everything is in place. Helping to encourage and direct you, from your fingers to your toes!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01.
    What happens if I feel nervous?
    • Our approach is friendly, relaxed and we completely understand this is not your everyday experience. All our clients are everyday people and more often than not, they usually shy away from a camera. I dedicate my sessions to making you feel as comfortable as possible, so I will guide you every step of the way!
  • 02.
    What if I'm not keen a part of my body?
    • Believe me, when I say this. Everybody that has stepped into my studio feels the same! It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, we all have our hang-ups and insecurities. But ultimately I will do my very best to make you feel comfortable because once you’re relaxed that’s when the real magic happens. We want your experience to be as fun as possible, so your inner confidence shines through. Add in my posing guidance, some flattering lighting and ta-dah the perfect photographs!
  • 03.
    Do I need to lose weight before my shoot?
    • No, absolutely not! We want you to celebrate who you are, so please don’t worry about this. I love to capture curves and I regularly photograph ladies up to a size 24.
  • 04.
    Am I too old for a shoot?
    • Did you know my average client is around 60 yrs old? You may have seen a few women in the galleries, but may not of noticed their age!
  • 05.
    Is hair and makeup included?
    • Yes, all sessions include professional camera-ready makeup and simply styled hair. We want you to look and feel your best on the day, plus experience feeling pampered. TIP: If you have a favourite hair product, styling equipment or brand of makeup prefer to use, feel free to bring them along.
  • 06.
    Will my images be retouched?
    • Yes, all your images will receive a natural-looking retouch unless you request otherwise. This will include skin smoothing, blemish removal and tattoo removal if required. This will be discussed in more detail once you have selected your images at the viewing stage.
  • 07.
    How far in advance should I book?
    • I recommend booking 2-3 months in advance so you have plenty of time for your Albums and Photographs to be made. However, if you are in a hurry please contact us and we can see about meeting your requirements.
  • 08.
    How do I book?
    • All sessions are for women aged 18 and over, proof of age may be required before your shoot.1. Check availability – contact us to see about a suitable date or day 2. Secure your booking with a £75 deposit then the remainder on the day 3. Receive your booking confirmation and a link to our “Secret Dressing Room” – packed with hints and tips on how to prepare for your shoot. Payment Plans:If you would like to spread the cost, we offer interest-free monthly payments right up until your shoot date. Please contact Louise for more information.
  • 09.
    What should I bring?
    • To help you decide what to bring I have put together a “Secret Dressing Room” Page, this is where you can find hints and tips on what to bring and how to prepare. Once you have booked your photo session you will gain full access to this, but in the meantime, we do recommend you bring a range of items that are comfortable and fit you well.Can Secret Boudoir provide clothes for the shoot?No, unfortunately we don’t offer this service as it’s hard to cater to everybody’s shape/size. So we feel it is best if you bring your own outfits to the shoot. You don’t need to spend a small fortune and you’re welcome to bring as little or as much as you like. Don’t forget we are on hand to help style you on the day and help match your outfits, make-up and sets.
  • 10.
    Should I bring my wedding lingerie?
    • If you would like to, some people love to capture their actual wedding lingerie in the photos. Some clients want to keep it a secret, so they will bring an alternative set to give the same look and feel.What if I don’t want a bridal theme?That is absolutely fine too. Some clients want to go for something completely different, so the choice is yours. You have up to 4 outfits included in our packages so that you can mix and match.What about my wedding dress?Your dress is precious, so we understand you will want to save it for the day. That is why we have a dress in the studio ready for clients to use.
  • 11.
    When can I see my images?
    • The same day viewing is available upon request and will extend your session by 2hrs.Photo Session 1-hour break – where you can pop out for lunch or a coffee 1-hour viewing session – You will select your images and request any editing requirements Alternatively, we can arrange a suitable day for you to come back around 10/14 days after your photo session. Viewing your images usually takes around 1 hour, but there is no rush. In this time, you will be able to purchase additional images and request any editing/colour changes.Note: Albums and Wall hangings can take between 3-4 weeks before dispatch.
  • 12.
    Will you share my images on your website?
    • Having worked with a number of professionals such as teachers, doctors and police officers, I fully understand the importance of your privacy. So I will NEVER use any of your images unless you have given me full permission to do so. Otherwise this experience is completely private!
  • 13.
    What if I need to cancel or reschedule?
    • To make any adjustments or cancel your photo shoot, we require one month’s notice so please contact us as soon as possible. If you cancel after one month’s notice this will result in a loss of your deposit, as it is required by my makeup artist. If you are running late, please call, as this may eat into your photo session time. For further directions, please call us on: 075116 38011.

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