Firstly Congratulations!

As you prepare for one of the biggest days of your life, you may be thinking about what wedding gift could you possibly give your groom?

Well, imagine your grooms face as he is dressed, ready for the aisle and just been handed your special wedding gift! You will blow him away with stunning and seductive photographs all wrapped up in a beautiful handmade portrait box. This is definitely a wedding gift he will never forget!

A confidence boost…

Our boudoir sessions are more than just a photo shoot, it’s a chance to embrace who you are and celebrate your body. Confidence is mind blowing and very sexy…so as you step out for your big day, you will feel the extra buzz knowing you look amazing!

Should I bring my wedding lingerie?

If you would like to, some people love to capture their actual wedding lingerie in the photos. Some clients want to keep it a secret, so they will bring an alternative set to give the same look and feel.

What if I don’t want a bridal theme?

That is absolutely fine too. Some clients want to go for something completely different, so the choice is yours. You have 3 outfits included in your shoot so that you can mix and match.

What about my wedding dress? 

Your dress is precious, so we understand you will want to save it for the day. That is why we have a dress in the studio ready for clients to use (black/white image). The great thing is, if you really love your dress, you can always come back to us for a Cherish the Dress shoot after the wedding.

What happens if I feel too nervous?

Believe me, everybody is the same! We understand this kind of shoot is daunting, that’s why from start to finish we will concentrate on making you feel as comfortable as possible. We offer an environment with no judgments, just a girly get together where you can feel pampered for the day. We get told all the time, that the build up to the session is far more nerve-wracking than the actual photo shoot!

Included in your shoot:

  • Booking confirmation and further information
  • Access to our Secret Dressing Room – tips on what to bring and how to prepare
  • Refreshments
  • Professional make-up and a basic hair service
  • A choice of sets in the studio
  • Unlimited photos taken during the shoot
  • In-house skin retouching – blemish /skin smoothing
  • Same day viewing 


On the day…

After a warm welcome, you will get the chance to relax and enjoy feeling pampered. We will help you select your outfits and then it’s time for hair and makeup (and a warm cuppa!) This session is all about you and the chance to forget the outside world for a few hours! We want you to feel comfortable and to have fun during the shoot, so Louise will ensure everything is tailored to you.

What to bring…

This is entirely up to you! Bring as much or little as you like…but for a little guidance, we have put together the Secret Dressing Room providing you with hints and tips on what to bring as well as how to prepare. This will be provided with your booking confirmation. In the meantime, we do recommend you bring a range of items that you are comfortable in and that fit you well. It can come across in the photos if people feel uncomfortable due to clothing. In the studio, we have a selection of accessories, two cream and white veils and two tiaras.

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